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Many people have heard of acupuncture to quit smoking, but it also works great for other forms of addictions as well.  Essentially with addiction, you have a withdrawal response that occurs.  This response triggers the sympathetic nervous system to go into overdrive, which leads to nervousness, shaking, and a general state of unease.

I perform the NADA protocol and other body points for treating addictions.  This involves using points in the ear that stimulate detox pathways and calm the nerves.  In many cases, the acupuncture treatments have given my clients the edge they need to get through this difficult period. 

For Smoking cessation it is typical to need 3-6 visits spaced a few days apart to get over the hump.

Acupuncture, herbs and more.

Oriental Medicine addresses dysfunction by increasing vitality and bringing balance to the organs and energy of the body. We use various traditional methods to treat a wide range of symptoms.

Patient receiving cranial sacral treatment