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After trying my family practice doctor and not getting any relief, I was referred to Coleman McMurphy for back pain. After a couple of visits, I now believe that acupuncture can help faster than regular medicinal practices. I am true believer in acupuncture. Coleman is truly knowledgeable in his type of therapy!

– Volker H.

As a longtime advocate and recipient of acupuncture care in the vein of preventive and proactive health maintenance, I can heartily recommend Dr. Murphy for his intuitive approach to healing and balancing the underlying energetic imbalances leading to disease symptoms.

He has a depth of knowledge and practice that gives him a practical wisdom in the subtle science of restoring and balancing the energetic framework underlying the human form.

Patients can also rely on a warm heart and compassionate understanding that can benefit their self initiated efforts to maintain their health through applied disciplines and diet.

– David C.

Coleman has made such a remarkable difference in my health. When I came to him in May I was struggling with daily and nightly hot flashes. I was not sleeping well and my health was starting to suffer. Through my acupuncture treatments with Coleman it has reduced my hot flashes substantially and I am able to get restful sleep at night again. I am at a very happy and healthy place in my life now. Also, I must add that Coleman adds a feeling of “calm” to my day every time I see him for treatment. I could have never made it to where I am now health-wise without his help.I highly recommend Coleman to anyone who struggles with hot flashes, sleep problems or hormonal problems. A few months of treatment will make an amazing difference. Thank you Coleman.

– Kim M.

Seeing Coleman for acupuncture is the best investment I’ve made in my general health and well-being in a long time. I HIGHLY recommend him.

– Trina H., RYT

My treatment at Morningside Clinic has been especially helpful with my post-menapausal symptoms (hot flashes, mood swings, etc.) and I’m so happy to have a effective natural alternative to hormones. The atmosphere at the clinic is peaceful, professional and relaxing. Coleman has taken time to help me understand aspects of my treatment and we have focused on my symptoms as they have developed and improved. Coleman has been very flexible and helpful in making my treatment schedule work with my busy calendar, and I also appreciate his help working out insurance coverage details.

– Jenni P.

I was never a big believer in acupuncture until I followed my wife’s footsteps to Morningside Clinic. Over the past year I have enjoyed real life results from various treatments, and now heartily refer the clinic to my friends. One morning my wife woke up with horrific vertigo for no apparent reason. I managed to get her into Morningside and was amazed to witness her transformation back to stability within minutes during the treatment. Coleman is the best!

– Bucks B.

I’m writing to say I’m not the least surprised that your acupuncture business is one of great success! With all of my many complaints, large and small from lumbar to tennis elbow, you always have a “we can deal with that” attitude. And from my experience, you normally do…deal with it very professionally. I am presently pain free but wouldn’t hesitate to return for a tune up if need arises.

– Melanie B.

I was very devoted to and loyal to my San Antonio acupuncturist before moving to Dallas and doubted that I would be able to find someone who performed at the same level. Then I heard about Coleman from a reliable source (Moonlady) so decided to give him a try.

I was most pleased not only with Coleman’s level of expertise (he was very gentle with the needles), but also with his humanity (he was very gentle with my feelings). He treated me for several issues, but I am most grateful for the “heart” work he did—both physiologically and emotionally. I was having severe chest pain. Before Coleman, I felt removed from my body sometimes, and I had little control over my heart misbehaving—my heart had a mind of its own. The fear of heart medication, surgery, a stroke or death was scary. I almost felt like a stranger to myself because I have always been so healthy. But I am pleased to report that after several months of acupuncture, I feel I am back in control over this wayward heart. It is rare to feel that worrisome chest pain. It is no longer a war between my body and me. I have come home to myself.

I thank Coleman for my improved heart function, but I also thank him for his compassionate bedside manner. I would highly recommend Coleman to anyone considering acupuncture.

– JoAnna S.

Not satisfied with ‘just good enough’ Coleman’s commitment to excellence throughout his healing practice is more than evident.. To say he’s creative and inventive are descriptions that badly shortchange his insights and abilities. I’ve met many a gifted healthcare provider during my 25 years as a medical reporter (14 of which at FOX 4 News in Dallas). Coleman ranks among the tops.

– John H.

Coleman is very knowledgeable about various forms of acupuncture. My visits were always relaxing and the atmosphere very friendly. Coleman and his staff worked with me despite my financial difficulties which really impressed me.

– Kevin P.

Coleman is a great professional with very high standards and ethics. He is always available to work with you on specific needs. His office makes you feel at home and his staff is very pleasant. I love the cranial sessions I had with him as well as the acupuncture.

– Walleska T.

An office visit with Coleman McMurphy is pardon the expression like a day WITH sunshine…always feel better and so glad I met him. I will be loyal as long as he is in Dallas.

– Lisa T.

I slipped and fell in my new deluxe shower in October 2009. I hurt my right shoulder and hip pretty badly. I went to my GP who referred me to the stretch band specialists at the physical therapy clinic. I tried that for a few rounds and nothing worked. I had a friend who suggested I try a holistic approach and I found Coleman’s wonderful clinic. He told me that he thought about 6 sessions on the shoulder would get me back on the golf course. He was absolutely right! He used a few of his techniques on me and I was utterly amazed (as a non believer in Holistic Medicine) at how much better I felt. I plan to continue using Coleman because he is very knowledgeable in his field, has excellent bedside manner and produced great results. As a businessman, that is all I ask of anyone that I work with. I highly recommend his services!!!!

– Patrick H.

I know Coleman McMurphy because he was a student at the Academy of Oriental Medicine, Austin, while I was a clinical instructor there. Even back then it was clear he was an intelligent, dedicated, and effective practitioner of Traditional Medicine. He is quite likable too, and good with people. I have know him through the years and still have a great deal of respect and admiration for him. I recommend him highly!

– Elizabeth M.

I have a son with autism who continues to see Coleman on a regular basis. Coleman has a wonderful rapport with my son and goes out of his way to make him comfortable. He is dedicated to helping and healing people through acupuncture and has a wonderful calmness about him. There is a sense of peace just walking into his Morningside Clinic. I highly recommend Coleman as an acupuncturist. You will be in great hands!”

– Laura C.

Coleman’s knowledge and expertise regarding acupuncture both in theory and in practice provided me tremendous relief from pain. I’ve recommended him highly to family and friends.

– Cindy H.

Coleman’s acupuncture practice is very professional while creating a feeling of warmth and friendship. I not only got better with his treatment, I also gained a sense of great relaxation.

– Frances B.

I regularly refer my clients and friends who wish to have acupuncture treatments to Coleman McMurphy of Morningside Clinic. He is highly skilled, passionate about what acupuncture has to offer, and very thorough, gentle and professional in his approach to treatment.

– Betty K. Armstrong, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist

I was diagnosed with Muscular Sclerosis about 3 years ago. Since that time I have been prescribed 3 different forms of standardly-used medication to prevent the progression of the disease but had adverse reactions to each. Consequently, I am not taking any medication.

I have been dealing with the common symptoms of numbness and tingling in my feet, increasing loss of balance and vision problems. Lately, the dizziness had gotten extremely worse and I began having “visual migraines” each day. A friend of mine recommended that I try acupuncture and referred me to the Morningside Clinic. I had never tried acupuncture but I was at the point I had to do something.

After my first treatment by Coleman the migraine episodes stopped, my vision problems have virtually ceased and my balance is incredibly improved. Also, the numbness in my feet is now about half of what it was and improves with each treatment. I also am now taking two different herbs each day.

I cannot describe how thankful I am that my friend encouraged me to try acupuncture and that Coleman has provided such excellent treatment!

I really think acupuncture treatment should be recommended in all cases of MS.

– Pat

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