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Chinese Herbal Medicine is the oldest continuously practiced healing form in the world. It differs from Western herbalism in most respects in that the herbs are always administered as a part of a formula, often containing 10-15 single herbs which act synergistically to correct a patient specific pattern of imbalance. Oriental Medicine uses a simple, yet sophisticated method of pattern differentiation whereby one can ascertain the nature of the imbalances in the body. These imbalances address hypo/hyper function of the main organs and the presence of one or more pathological factors (i.e. damp/phlegm, cold, heat, dryness, wind).

It is the understanding of Classical Oriental Medicine that these subtle imbalances precede physical changes in the body. So instead of treating the western classification of the disease (i.e. diabetes, fibromyalgia, etc), we treat the underlying pathological imbalances that led to the disease. By treating the root causative factors underlying the disease we can affect great change.

All of the herbs used at the clinic are produced according to GMP standards with every batch being tested for potency and impurities.

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